Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sometimes I think that I have nothing to write about...

...but I do have a lot to write about and I have always enough pics to show.
But sadly I'm a very lazy lady so I stick with posting only one picture on flickr and keep the left overs for me.
Since I'm starting my next weekend trip tomorrow I think I should write a little bit about my easter weekend.

(small little train near the mountains)

I spent the entire easter weekend with my dad and my older sis. We met up with my aunt and her family to celebrate her 60. birthday with her family.
Most of her family (brothers and sisters) still live in the small village where she was born. Hettstedt is a small village not so far away from the east Harz.
The Harz is a famous place for hiking and vacation. There are lots of lovely hiking routes and a few very special sagas about this area.

(on the top of the Hexentanzplatz)
On easter saturday we had the most perfect weather so we decided to go hiking to visit the famous Hexentanzplatz .
I always wanted to go there because it's one of the best spots in the east Harz. Sadly we were not the only ones with that idea. Due to the easter holiday nearly every german and lots of tourits seemed to have the same idea.
The Hexentanzplatz was cramed with people so we only stayed a few minutes for some lovely pics before we started our hiking tour.

(view from the top)
My dad was as always very well prepared. He brought a book about hiking tours but we agreed to just follow the signs.
It seemed that my sis and I left our brains at home because both of refused to wear hinking boots. We choose our pretty sandals. It turned out te be a very stupid idea because the path was full of rocks.

(my sis taking pics)
(handmade backpack by me - birthday gift for my sis 2010)

We hiked for around 4 hours with only a very short break because my dad asked a guy for the best way back to our car.
We were all pretty tired when we came home that day.

(detail of the embroidery I made for my sis backpack)
On easter sunday we left the east Harz to visit my granddad. He is turning 90 this year and he was really lonely this easter. My grandma died in december last year and it was his first easter since 1948 (when he came back from russian war captivity).

(river near the our path)
I left my granddad (and my dad & sis went back home too) on monday to spend a few days with mr. artistic and his family.
We went hiking again but sadly the weather wasn't that nice anymore.

(me on the top after 4 hours of hiking)
Tomorrow I'm leaving again to meet with my dad & sis again. I have to travel 350 km with my little Ford Ka.
I will be back on sunday because I have to go to the office again on monday !

(my dad & me)

(my sis and me)


  1. love that adorable backpack! heehee I don't dare to wear shorts in the summer because I got stung by a wasp (had bad allergy reaction and had to go to ER =_=)

  2. Gostei muito das suas fotos e de seus trabalhos. Já estou te seguindo.