Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeling like a princess

Have you ever felt like a princess ?

(painting in Rammenau)

While I was on vacation in June I had the chance to visit the baroque castle Rammenau.
The castle is located in saxony in the east of germany.

(entry baroque castle Rammenau)
In 1717 a chamberlain bought the manor and started to turn it into a baroque castle in 1721.
It took several years to finish it and the owner changed very often during that time.

(my dad in the front of the castle)
In the 20th century  people started to use the castle in different ways.
After the first world war it was turned into a military hospital.

(back of the castle - picture taken from the park)
After the second world war the russians assigned to the castle.
In the 50ies the castle was used as a studio by the universaty of Art Dresden.

(in the park)
In the past years they rebuilt most of the castle, the park and the other buildings. They turned it into a museum

My dad and I had an awesome time strolling around and exploring the little castle. We were lucky to be the only visitors at that time because it was a weekday and most people were working.

My dad purchased a photography permission so we were allowed to take pictures everywhere in the castle.

(strolling around)
I really wished that I brought a dress for the visit. I told my dad that we need to go there again and that I plan to wear a princess dress ;D

Sadly we had to leave after one hour because of an invitation by a school friend of my dad.

(waiting for my dad)


  1. wow! This place looks like a neat, a princess dress would make the day even more beautiful! =)

  2. great pics... looks so beautiful! love the one of you under the chandelier... xo amy