Sunday, April 29, 2012

I wasn't lazy - a craft update

Since I returned from Bad Homburg I wasn't lazy when it comes to crafty things. While I waited for the results from doctors and made apointments I always had something to SEW.
My SIL got the samsung galaxy S II like me so she was in need for a cute little case to protect her new toy.
She didn't ask for anything special. She just told me that she likes soft colors like purple and pink.
I came up with a bag using some super tiny scraps from my always growing scrap bag.

My samsung galaxy S II was in need for a new case as well. I used an old which I made for the shop but never sold.
My love for hexies is still growing and I always carry a little hexie project with me where ever I go.
This time I tryed super tiny hexies. I have no idea how small they are (because I'm typing this from the hospital and I don't have anything to measure it) but believe me they are really tiny.
For the background I grabed a piece of fabric which I bought in my early sewing days around 2006.
I was always looking for the most perfect project to show it and here it is.

I hand quilted the back and the front with embroidery thread. 
I added a tiny loop for some cell phone charms since the new mobile phones have nothing to hang my fave charms.

My kitchen is another place which is getting a massive make over.
Our kitchen is a very old and ugly one. We bought it second hand and it's nearly falling apart now.
We have no money to get a new one so I used my sewing skills to pimp my ugly kitchen up.
I started with some new pot holders and an oven mitt.
For the oven mitt I recycled the batting from my old and completly worn out oven mitt.

Since our kitchen is plain looking I wanted some bright and cheerful. I used some of my kitchen themed fabrics and added random fabrics from my scrap bag .

These are just a few projects which I made in the past 6 or 7 weeks. Stay tunned for some crafty news .

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  1. Isa! Nice to see that the sewing projects here. Even involved with surgery, hospital, diagnostic ... That's life, with problems, but we can not stop it! You must follow and seek what is good for us.
    Bright colors, fun projects ... They can not stand aside! When you have control of our swap, let me know!
    A hug, and the joy of reading this post so excited, Ana - Brazil.