Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decorating my home

My weekend was filled with a fun crafty activity.

Me and my friend Mira made tons of pom poms to decorate the living room.

I saw a pic of a pom pom garland somewhere in the web and knew immediately that I needed one for my home.

At the first point I wasn't sure if I should put all the hard work into this project since we are moving sometime early next year but when I started with my first pom pom I was hooked.

Me and Mira made tons of pom poms and finally I had enough for my living room windows.
Now we have to make a few more for Mira's home.

I totally love the new cozy look and I should make more decorations for my home.

Sadly it's pretty hard to take pics agains the light. The pics turned out so blur and doesn't show how beautiful the garland look in my home.

Since we are talking about decorations I would like to show you a small part of my postcard collection in my kitchen.
I fall in love with the postcard idea at my friend Mira's home.
In her kitchen are lots of fantastic postcards from all over the world and they make the room so cozy.

Gladly my dad always sent my postcards from his trips so I had lots to choose from.

Sadly I still have lots of room for more.
If you love to write postcards I would be happy to recive one from your hometown/ country..
Of course I will send you a postcard back.

Just drop me a line at craftingwithloove@gmx.de.


  1. Would love to send you a postcard! I tried your email and it wont let me send - feel free to email me at fromtheseeds@gmail.com :D

  2. die pompoms sehen klasse aus da am Fenster!! schönes Wochenende dir und viele Grüße

  3. Wow, your pom pom girland is great!!! It is very good idea!!

    And yes, I would like to send you a postcard too. But... I am your neighbour - I am from Czech Republic, soooo no exotic country :-)


  4. Just love the idea of the pom poms, I might have to do a little something like this in my living room or in the music room. As for postcards there will soon be one coming to you... hugs until I get your address, then of course hugs to continue on.... :)