Friday, June 5, 2009 uniklinik göttingen

I'm in hospital since yesterday morning...I went to routine blood test and the test results were so bad (less than 1000 leukocytes)that they decided to keep me here in isolation...
I don't feel ill or anything else...I feel fine so far..I just need to stay here untill the leukocytes rising over 1600...
maybe they will let me go home on monday..untill monday I will relax, takes pics from my room and enjoy the beautiful view out of room...
it feels like a hotel ...roomservice, tv, internet ...but there is one difference ...I'm not allowed to leave the room ^____^
Don't worry about me...just pray for the leukocytes to rise fast ;)
I hope the leukocytes won't be that low after next chemo otherwise I will get another chemo...but I really want that hard one to get all those cancer out of my body !!

*I will have internet connection from time to time ^_____^*

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