Tuesday, March 1, 2011

crafty weekend

It seems that I'm back in the sewing mode. I had a lot of unfished projects waiting for me so I kicked my ass and finished a few of them.
I made the appliqués for this bag a few weeks ago while we stayed at mr. artistics parents. 
(i phone/ i touch/mobile phone bags for the shop )
I always bring some small crafts when I'm traveling to keep me busy but mostly I'm not able to finish anything of this stuff. But this weekend was crazy.

I finished five small mobile phone/ i phone bags (three for the shop, one for friend of my sis and a birthday gift). Aside from the birthday gift (which still need a flex frame) every bag is 100 % done.

(tiny patchwork for the bags)
While I'm working on those tiny patchwork thing I watch a lot episodes from different shows on mtv.com. My fave show right now is "I used to be fat".
Sadly not all episodes are available for people from germany (I have no idea why the block them ???).

(bag for a friend of my sis)
Aside from the bags I worked on a new dolly pattern. I made a few dolls already but I never tryed a male doll. I developed a new pattern and tryed it right away.
I think it's hard to find a "hairstyle" for dolls which doesn't look so girly.

(male dolly on my pinboard)
I added this little guy to shop. I hope a little baby boy or girl will give him a home and love him dearly.

(details of  buttons, shirt and pants)
(back of the the doll)
I'm hoping to keep the sewing mode on for a while.
But it's really hard right now because I started to go to some sports classes and I still jogg a lot.

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