Saturday, February 26, 2011

... so far

I think I made my decision. I will take the Zometa again this time and think about stoping for the next time (which is due in September). I don't want to make a mistake with quiting it.

I have no side effects yet so why stopping ?! I will call my doctor on wednesday to tell him my decision.

Yesterday I met with my friend Anna and I saw her cute kid again. She grew so much since I last saw her (summer 2010).

(Anna's cute dog)
Anna and I tryed to make macarons but we failed completly. I have no idea what went wrong but our finished macarons looked like a "face full of pimples". Sadly they lost the great blue colour too. 

Any advise for making macarons ?

(finished ugly macarons)
Since I have no own kids I always love it to spoil other kids. I made a little dolly for Anna's little girl. 

It's nearly the same dolly I made for Amelie but with different fabrics and hair colour (because the little girl is dark haired too).

(dolly for Anna's baby girl)
Recently I'm working on a male dolly. It's fun to develop some new patterns. I wish I could work faster and harder because I need to finished a few bags (some comission orders and bags for friends).


  1. You are a brave lady Isa. Keep doing whatever helps . X

  2. Thanks so much, Mina loves her Dolly and walks around with her all day and sleeps with her the nights:) It is so cute! Next time we make a pie...