Wednesday, June 29, 2011

33. international evangelic church day in Dresden

Before this month is over it's time to write a little bit about my june vacations.
June was a month of traveling and sadly sickness for me.

I started my trip on june 2th to meet up with my dad & sis at my grandpa's house.
Gladly my grandpa lives near Dresden. It's a wonderfull city in eastern germany.
Dresden was nearly destroyed during the second world war. All the beautiful buildings were gone but in the past 65 years they did an amazing job on rebuilding everything.
I visited Dresden very often in the past years (every year when I was on holidays at my grandparents home) but this year was definetly a special experience.
Every 2 years there is a evangelic church day in germany. Gladly this year it was Dresden's turn.
The church day started on the 1st of june till the june 5th.

(me with my church day scarf)

I have to admit that I wasn't raised religious. Me and my family rarely went to church only for christmas or for wedding. I wasn't even christened but seeing all these people celebrating together was amazing.
I've never been to such a great event where so many different people seemed so happy.

("free high five" seems to be the new "free hug")

They came from all over the world to celebrate , seeing concerts or just chat about god.
Even when you are not religious you could feel the fantastic vibe especially when you bought the special church scarf ;)

(my sis and her scarf...and yes she walked around in her bikini ^___^)
The scarfs were sold only by scouts . When my sis and I arrived in Dresden the first thing we did was searching for some scouts to buy our church day scarf. We found out that the scouts sell church day scarfs every time at the international church days in germany. Every church day has a different colour and this year it was a bright green.

As soon as you put the scarf around your neck (or any other place on your body) you felt connected.

(me in front of the church with the famous church day scarf)
But the scarf was not only a way to feel connected to all the other visitors it was great fashion accessory as well.
There were tons of different ways to wear the it.

Some people wear it around their wrist...

(guy with church day scarf)
...some in their hair

(another way to wear the scarf)
(girls with scarfs)
... or you just use it to keep your head  from sunburns since it was extremly hot that day.

(guy trying to hide under his scraf from the sun)
The weather was really amazing that day and it was one of the hottest days this year.
My sis and I spent 5 hours walking around and just enjoying the weather and the people around us.
There were many different groups performing on the street.

(guy from "twelve tribes community")

(twelve tribes guy)

Most of them performed religious songs and stuff like the  Twelve Tribes community but some of them had modern stuff too.

(little boys performing...they were amazing)
While my sis and I enjoyed the free concerts we were lucky to find a place to cool our feet.
Of course there were dozens of people who had the same idea.

(cooling my feet)
At the end of the day my feet burned and I was completly exhausted.
But it was a great experience and I would definetly go to another chrurch day again.


  1. what an awesome idea! looks like so much fun - my hubby and i will have to make a pilgrimage over there someday and join in the celebration :)

    glad to see the city is beautiful again. i'll always remember the fire-bombing of Dresden because Slaughterhouse Five is one of my favorite books.

  2. you zre so lucky to live where you live. you have extended vacations and such lovely photos and memories.


  3. @Kaelin: you should definetly join the church days.
    2013 are the next church days in Hamburg ;)
    @Serene: I feel very lucky to have enough paid holidays to enjoy all these pretty places in germany

  4. neat! i wish i could have a church day it considered bad to continue to wear it?