Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brochette quilt

Do you remember this post ?

It was back in september last year when I finished my Marshmallow Brochette top from Threaded Mess.
I had this quilt top on to do list since such a long time and it's finally done.

But I have to admit that this quilt is already finished sincejanuary but I had no time or energy to post about this baby.

Since february we use this quilt quit often. It's a very cuddly quilt because I used some flannel for the backing.
I tryed to use color from the top and I really like the outcome.
I quilted it free motion with a loopy design.

It's the fave quilt of my husband because of the cuddly and warm backside.

I had to promise that I will use flannel for our big bed quilt as well. I already ordered the flannel but the top is still not finished yet.
It's the summer quilt along top from last year which still needs some aditional blogs to get a bigger size.

Untill this we are using the  picknick quilt and the brochette quilt to keep us warm in our bed.

You really need some extra blankets in germany because it's really cold and doesn't feel like summer at all.

To make the cold and rainy days I try to dress myself in bright colors.

I love this colorful headscraf because it matches so many outfits.

It looks good with blue, pink and yellow...or all three colors together :)

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