Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing with dolls

If you are following me in the last years you should have noticed that my crafty hobby includes different kinds of being creative.

I play with fabrics, paints and I play with dolls.

You heard right...I play with dolls. Don't worry I'm not crazy at all.
Playing with dolls is a very creative hobby. It's not that you "play" with them in a usual kind of way like you did as a kid.
Playing with dolls means to me...sewing and working with files and sanding paper.

Blythe is that kind of doll which can make you use all your creativity in different kind of ways.
They are fun and cute looking dolls which can be easily transformed in your mini me or any kind of dolls you like.

I started to love Blythe back in 2006. I bought my first doll from ebay from my dear friend Wendy.
At that point we didn't know each other but our passion for Blythe make us become real friends.
Now we know each other for nearly 6 years and Blythe isn't the main topic anymore. We talk about everything what happens in our life and we meet 3 times already (2008 in Japan, 2010 in Hong Kong and Singapore 2011 in Hong Kong again). 
Blythe brought me me even more friends like Serene, Mo, Jo, Helen and all these other lovely people I met in the past years.

In the past years I wasn't playing with dolls a lot but since BlytheCon Berlin I really enjoy "playing" with them again.
I got myself a few ne Blythe to try my carving skills. Working on Blythe is fun and easy. It means I don't need my sewing machine. Just my needle files and a good movie on my Mac.

I still have a a few Blythe which I'm working on right now. I'm still waiting for stuff to get them ready.

But finally this weekend I was able to finish one of my recent projects.
I really enjoyed the whole process and I'm more than happy with the finished doll.

I changed the look of this doll already 3 times.

I think this time she is keeping her new look forever.

I even drafted a new Blythe pattern for a skirt and a matching shirt just for her.
It's a long time since I made doll clothes and since I lost all my Blythe patterns (I have no idea where all my great patterns are ) it was fun to make sth. completly new.

I added the outfit to my shop. So if your doll is in need for a new outfit go ahead and grab it. 

I can really wait to finish a few more dolls. But I'm slow since I'm working on some sewing projects too.
I will keep you updated.


  1. Wow, your little doll is so lovely! J.

  2. the doll the dress, everything is so cute <3

  3. wow,einfach toll !!

    richtig schön sieht sie auf

    grüssli karin