Sunday, January 20, 2013

birthday chevron quilt

This post is long overdue but I was bitten from the TV bug.
The past days I spent in front of the TV and watched all episodes of Breaking Armish and nearly all episodes from Sister wives.
Since I'm jobless I have plenty of time to watch all that stuff I want. Mr. artistic was out of the house for work or sleeping so I had the living room and the big TV for myself.

I know I should aply for new jobs but with that little hair nobody would hire me. I'm a risk for every company so I have to wait untill my hair is long enough.

But that's another story so back to main topic of this post.

Before christmas I finished the birthday quilt for my older sis. She turned 32 in september but sadly I had no time to finish her birthday present.
When we met for christmas holidays I was finally able to give her the present.

Of course her birthday present was a quilt. I love to give handmade and usefull presents to my friends and family.
I knew my sis didn't has a quilt yet so I made a big one for her bed.

The chevron quilt from Jeni was on my to do list for a little while so I was happy to make it for my sis.

I used two different prints from Aneela Hoey. I had two packs of charm packs of "sherbert pips" waiting for a little while but sadly it wasn't enough to make that quilt.
Gladly I still had a charm pack of "a walk in the woods" sitting here. Both fabric collections have nearly the same color sheme so it was not a big deal to combine both.

Because I still needed a few more 5" squares I added a few solids and other matching fabrics.
When I sewed the suares together I noticed that the quality of "a walk in the woods" isn't that great than the quality of "sherbert pips". Did you notice that too ?

The background fabric is one of my fave Kona greys. For the bining I used the cutest fabric from "sherbert pips". I love those scarfs and they make a pretty cute binding.

For the backing I used a vintage sheet which was given to me by my grandma and a little piece of "sherbert pips". 
I'm very happy that I sed it for my sis quilt so the sheet is staying in the family for ever.

Since I had a little bit binding, "sherbert pips" and backing fabric left I had to make a matching pillow.

Today is no time to relax. We have a selection in Niedersachsen (it's a state in the middle of germany) and since I was working for the city I was selected to be one of the electoral assistants.
It means I have to go there around 12 and need to stay untill 8 or 9 pm.  

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  1. Your quilt is lovely!
    What colour of Kona grey is the background fabric?