Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bow tie quilt

Since I started quilting I already loved seeing other peoples bow tie quilt.
So it was no question to add this darling quilt on my to do list last year.

This autumn I finally had a reason to make that quilt. My sis turned 27 early december so I wanted something really special for her...something handmade which will remind that she is deeply loved by her big sis ervery time she uses the quilt.

Since my sis is getting a new sofa soon I didn't know which colors would be the best.
So I went with my Denyse Schmidt fabrics which I have for such a long time now.

Working on this quilt was so much fun. It's such an easy pattern but the result is so stunning.
I love how the bow ties form this darling pattern.

I quilted the bow tie quilt in free motion of course. It's quick and the result is always so lovely.
I'm getting better every time I quilt free motion. Sadly I can only quilt those bigger quilts at my MIL's home since my sewing table is to small. At my MIL's home I'm allowed to occupy the dinning table.

For the binding I used several pieces of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics.
The backing is a vintage duvet cover which I bought from ebay especially for the quilt.
In the future I plan to use vintage duvet covers only for the backing. They make perfect backings since they are cheap and I don't need to piece several fabrics.

The left overs from the quilt were made into a matching pinwheel pillow cover.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! Love the fabric, and the idea to use that duvet cover was a good one.

  2. It's really lovely. She's a lucky sister~

  3. Lovely pattern & fabrics. As usual, I am shocked at how quickly you can make quilts!

  4. Dear Isa, I agree with you: the pattern is really easy, but the result is great!!! I love the fabrics and the binding(I like to use several pieces of fabrics for binding too). And your free quilting... You made a great and lovely job :) Jolana

  5. Beautiful quilt. Love the colours and I also am a fan of free style embroidery.