Monday, May 6, 2013

already a month...

...since my last post.

So many things happen and between all the stress I try to find time to relax.

I hade a few job interviews and at the moment I talk with two companies about worktime, salary and all that stuff.
No contracts are signed yet but hopefully I will be able to sign one.

Now we have a ll the papers to aply for a flat in Berlin. You need lots of stuff when you have no income and try to find a flat.
Thankfully mr. artistics sis (who is a doctor) is vouching for us. Hopefully it will help us to find a flat.
Sadly the rent in Berlin is my higher and my salary will be pretty low so our new apartment will be much smaller than this one.
I have no idea where to store all my stuff.

In june is the Blythecon Europe and I already paid for my stall there .
But right now I don't see any hope to make it.
My car broke and I won't be able to fix it.
I have to buy a new one.
And all this happens when I have to pay tons of money for the move and the new flat.

Last week we had a little party on the other side of the street.

Under the sea was the theme this time. I bought an old vintage wedding dress and dyed it in different shades of blue.

My hubby was so kind to color my hair with whatercolor in different shades of blue.
I made a fun and quick fish headband to match the outfit.

Between all the stuff I try to get some quilting and sewing done.
My head is full of ideas but sometimes I'm a bit to slow.

But two little dolly outfit sets are finished and you can find these at ebay.

I try to blog a bit more often now. Super big promise !!

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  1. Good luck on the job hunting... it is hard but it can be done! I just started a new job last week and so did Linda/Elley.

    As for Barcelona, have you seen that Easyjet flies there? They have quite reasonable fares :)

    By the way, nice dip dye on that dress!