Sunday, May 26, 2013

Embrace the sun

It's been a while since I worked on a quilt because there was no need for a gift and I already had enough.
But last week when I finished jogging I didn't want to go home.
The weather was so nice so I stayed a bit longer near the sports ground.
I took the old blanket out of my car and stayed a while just relaxing in the sun.

But why using an old blanket to relax in the sun ?

So I came with idea to make myself a fun summer quilt to spent time outside with a comfy and pretty blanket.

I didn't want to buy any new fabrics so I used what I had.
Gladly I still had a few pieces of vintage fabrics from my cross quilt since the colors and patterns are so nice for a summer quilt.

I added some solids and made a few cross blocks and some stars in different sizes.

I'm not sure about the red and the brown in the quilt but since I'm already at the quilting status it's to late for changes.

The cutting and block making took my only one day.
Pretty quick for a complete quilt top for me :)

Sadly there wasn't enough batting at home so I had to buy a 1/2 m at the fabric store.
But beside of this I'm only using things I already have at home.


  1. So beautiful fabrics that you had at home Isa. I glued my eyes!
    The quilt is faced summer, cheerful and illuminated by yellow tones. Great job! Ana.

  2. Wow- I can't believe how quickly you made such a beautiful quilt. I like the red and brown. I think it makes it more interesting and unique looking. I wish I could just wip up a quilt like that.

  3. Wow, quilt looks great!! And why not red and brown?! It could represent the color of summer flowers! :) Great job and lovely quilting! Jolana

  4. You are a fabulous designer- I would have spent hours trying to decide which fabrics to put where. Your quilt is just perfect looking. The big brown pieces make it look more vintage; people used to use what they had, and didn't always have perfect coordination of fabrics. Love it!