Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank you...the long overdue Post

Today it's time to say THANK YOU !

In the past months I recieved lots of lovely mails from dear friends to cheer me up.
I treasure every gift and I'm getting teary again when I think about all the love and thoughts which were put into these gifts <3

Mo my dear friend from Hong Kong spoilt me with awesome handmade gifts and fun toys.

Wendy my oldest  friend (we met several times in real life already <3 <3 and know each other since 2006 ) from Hong Kong spoiilt me with super yummy candy, my fave tea and an amazing leather handbag in my fave style.

Helen my super fun friend (I always laugh so hard when we chat in real's never getting boring with her) from Hong Kong as well sent my chinese herbs to help to raise my red blood cells and healthy tea.

Christel another old dolly friend from UK spoilt me with super cute snack boxes (which I use daily for work and always get compliments about them) and the most cutest band aid which I'm wearing right now while I type this <3

Natascha hosted a give away on her blog and lucky me won a super cute key chain (which match my bag perfectly) amd a handmade leather bracelet which I'm wearing nearly every day. 

Ellen was my partner at the christmas in july blog and sent some super amazing gifts. It was definetly feeling like christmas when I found the super cute photoframe and the fun cups.

Thank you you so much from the bottom of my heart <3

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  1. Aww, it's an amazing feeling to receive so much love from all over the world, isn't it?
    I know it really helped me to keep going last year.
    Hugs to you!