Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas cuddle

Last week I finished my cuddly christmas quilt.
I'm so proud and I really like this quilt so much.

It has a lovely flannel back with super cute christmas print. I used some low cotton batting so it's perfect to use it as a cuddly blanket on my sofa.

I quilted the baby free motion which turned into my fave way of quilting. It's so easy and quick and the result is always stunning and outstanding.
Sadly my table is to small so I have to take my sewing machine to the inlaws and quilt my quilts at their awesome big dinning table (if I want to quilt free motion).

The quilt pattern is so lovely and I'm very happy that I found it.

I made a few extra blocks to turn them into some fun gifts.
I turned one block into a pillow cover.

It's a pillow cover for my cute friend Mira. I just dropped it into her mail box. Now I'm waiting to hear back from her. I hope she will like the fabrics I picked for her.

This is my pillow.

I made the dresden plates last year before I went to Hong Kong but I had no time to finish it.
Last night finally I turned the christmas dresden plates into a pillow for my sofa.

Now my home is looking very warm and christmassy.
I pulled out all the decoration and set them up.
I will post pictures the next days.

Now I will go back and cuddle under my quilt.

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  1. Just love your Christmas quilt & pillows! Especially love the fabric on the Christmas present on the pillow full of trees, deer, foxes, racoons & squirrels!