Friday, December 14, 2012

christmas cheer

Long time no update here on the blog.

I was super busy with working on christmas presents. Sadly I can't show the results right now since some of the recipients are reading my blog.

But I want to share my christmas decorated living room.

Sadly I can't put up all my christmas stuff since the cat loves to play with the bells and smaller christmas decoration.

But I set up the handmade christmas calender. I made this one a few years back.
There is another handmade calender. A wooden christmas train but there was no place for both.

Most of my christmas stuff is vintage german wooden ones. A few were given to me by my mom and others were bought from vintage shops.

I keep all my christmas cards and set them up as well. I wish I had more room to show them all .

I really love my living room. With all the lights and decoration and look so comfy.
The last 3 days mr. artistic and I watched all 3 episodes of Lord of the Rings.
Now we are prepared for the Hobbit :)


  1. Hello Isa! I have to say, that your decorations are sooo cute!!! I love wooden decorations :-) And your new quilt, and pillows... really, your living place looks sooo cozy! Have a lovely time, Jolana

  2. Oh Isa how your wooden Christmas decorations bring back memories. I lived with a German family in the USA for a year & was friends with their daughter through childhood. I spent so many Christmases at their house & I remember similar decorations. Would have loved to have seen the train being a train buff. As a matter of fact it was only due to Fraulka, the mom, that I learned about Advent calendars oh & sweet little gifts given at advent when her family sent them from Germany. Loved the games made out of wood & all the little wooden items. You definitely have brought back many childhood memories with these decorations. I hope you put out your wooden shoe? Lol! ;)