Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maybe the last post for this year

I doubt that I will write another post today or tomorrow so probably this will be my last post for this year.

2012 wasn't my year. Chemo and radiation ruled my year.
Between this I tried to fill my year with fun and crafty things.

So this last post for 2012 won't be a reflection of the last year (who wants to reflect a year of illness ??!) just another normal post like all the others before.

Filled with fashion and some sewing of course.

At the moment I'm at my sis place in Berlin. I'm here since the 23th.

Our christmas holidays have been quite busy.
We spent some time at my dads home, visited an old friend of my dad (they know each other since more than 40 years), went to my grandmas birthday and went for some shopping fun.

My little sis joined us for 3 days and left yesterday for her new years holidays.

I didn't soent any of my christmas holidays at the inlaws home this year.
But my little niece gave me her gift before I left. I fantastic big cold which is still bothering me.

I left a few presents for my inlaws before I drove to Berlin.
Mr. artistic (who spent christmas with his family) gave the gifts to his family while I was away.

There was a new mobile phone bag for his sister and Dresden pillow cover for his niece.
I used for the Dresden pillow cover the same fabrics which I plan to use for her first big girl quilt.
She will turn 3 in january and if her parents finally find the time to meassure her bed I will make her a matching quilt for her birthday.

The biggest gift for my inlaws was definetly the vintage quilt for my MIL.
I wanted to make a quilt for her since more than a year but there was no time or sth. happened so that I lost the interesst in making this quilt.

Gladly my sewing mojo was quite big this year so I finished it in time.
I used some vintage fabrics which I bought from ebay a few years ago.

When I bought the fabrics I always had my MIL in mind so it was perfect that I started quilt making.
Finally I was able to turn these lovely flower fabrics in something usefull.
The quilt turned out really small. It's only lapsized but I think it doesn't matter since my MIL is really small.
She will only use it on the sofa so the size is pretty OK for her.

The quilt backing is made from flannel. 
The quilt will keep her warm durring her afternoon nap.

Sadly I made a mistake with the label. I burned it with my iron. Since there was no time to make another one I had to give the quilt away like this .

It seems that I was a good etsy seller this year so I recieved this darling diary from
It's so perfect for all my notes and I'm glad that I'm so behind with getting one this year.

Some lovely friends spoilt me with christmas gifts again this year.
I recieved a lovely mail from Mo with some lovely fabrics for more fun dolly outfits.
Sadly I deleted the picture before I was able to post it here (stupid me).

Another parcel (this time I didn't delete the pic...phew) from Singapore.
Jo spoilt me with some darling handmade gifts (a cute little dress, a crochet hat, a little bag and miniature teddy), fabrics, yarn and a cute little toy camera.
My doll is already dressed in the new outfit. Just my lazy ass keeps me away from taking a pic.

The best christmas card came from Lala this year. Isn't it cute !


  1. the dresden pillow cover... so sweet! and i love all of the little blythe doll clothes that you make... really cute things... my oldest daughter wants a blythe doll in the worst way... wishing you a happy new year!

  2. Dear Isa, Happy New Year!!!

    You prepared lovely presents and... you got great presents!

    Have a lovely time, Jolana