Thursday, March 7, 2013

2. Ueno park

Yesterday we woke ip pretty late so we decided to hang around in the neighbourhood only.
Since our hotel is in Uneo we decided to visit the Ueno park first. It was perfect weather and the first little flowers were already there.It must be amazing when the flowers bloom in a few weeks. Dadly we won't be able to see that while we are since we leave earlier.
The weather was so freaking amazing that we had to go to the Ueno Zoo  too see the pig Pandas and the other animals. The zoo is bigger as we expected so we only saw half of the zoo but since the entrance fee is cheap we have to go again next week.
After the zoo we went to Yamashiroya toy store in Uneo.Mr. artistic had a blast since it was his first visit in a japanese toy store.We spent some time there but I just got a little kitty charm for my mobile phone. I nearly bought a middie Blythe but I want to check out the prices in Nakano broadway out first.

Plan for the next day: Harajuku

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