Saturday, March 9, 2013

Harajuku & Shinjuku

The last few days had been busy. We were so busy with shopping around. We had a long list and we nearly got everything we want.
On thursday we went to Harajuku. We got up very early and went to the Meiji shrine first.At that point it wasn't crowded so we were able to see a wedding. Sadly it was a bit cold since it was so early so we didn't stay as long as we wanted.
After we left we saw lots of tourists coming so going early was definetly a smart idea.
We took a quick walk to best shopping street in Harajuku. It so amazing and great for people watching. Lots of young japans shop at that place and you can see their amazing style. I got myself two cute skirts. I always want more but having a guy with you for clothes shopping isn't that fun. Of course we went to Kiddyland too but I didn't get anything special. Just a little pen this time. But I do spent lots of money on Daiso...if course .
In the evening we just walked around in Ueno and relaxed.

Yesterday we got up pretty late so we had to skip the breakfast.
We went to Shinjuku to some art supply stores. It was heaven for mr. artistic and I found some great colored pastels for my custom Blythe.

Since we got up so late there was not enough time to do lots in the evening. Just some little candy shopping in our area.

Today we are off to fabric heaven. I hope I will have enough cash for everything.

You can see always more pics at my flickr.

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  1. Wow, as I can see, you have a great trip!! with super shopping too :) Have a nice time! Jolana