Monday, March 4, 2013

at the airport

at the airport, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

I have still fever but got some antibiotics today.
The flight will be horrible but not flying would be stupid.We would loose all our money.

The last days were horrible.Yesterday mr. artistic dad was biten by our cat when he catched because she left the house.Mr. artistic rushed to hospital and he spent 5 h in the ambulance.When he returned he fainted due to all the stress and the bite.
While all this happened I was in bed with high fever.

Today I woke up with fever and went to the doctor.I got tons of meds and decided to fly to Tokyo.
While I'm at the airport now is mr. artistic dad at doctor again because he got an infection from the bite.

The last two days were a completly nightmare.Now I can just hope that the meds will work and I can enjoy the holidays a bit.


  1. Hope you both recover and have a wonderful time - good luck

  2. Hope you will get better soon. Have a great holiday and I hope for lots of pics.

  3. So sorry you had such a hard time getting away & that you were so sick. So glad thought that you were able to get to Japan anyway & it looks like you had a fantastic trip! Hope you & Mr. Artistic had a great time! :)