Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn sewing

It's getting colder here and I have more time for sewing projects.

In summer I had always the urge to go outside as soon as the sun was out.
With the dark and grey days around the corner I feel comfortable and happy to stay at home.

A while back I talked about owls with co-worker. She told me that she bought a pair in a shop here in Göttingen. But sadly they were sold out but she wanted more to give them ways as gifts.
Since I always loved making those owls I made her a little brown/ yellow one (using my fave tutorial from moonstitches) as a little surprise.

A few days later she brought me two magnets and asked me to make two more.
While I cut out her owls I came up with the idea to make a few more.
I ended up with 7 little owls.
Two of them went to my co-worker, one to my friend Mira and the brown red one is now living with my physiotherapist. 
The last 3 are still on my fridge waiting untill I give them away to friends and family.

I already prepared a few more :)

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