Thursday, November 28, 2013


For all of you who are wondering if I still do patchwork ... yes I do.

In the past weeks and months I finished lots of small projects which I never posted here.
Since my mac is full of these pics it's time share my work with you.

For a friend of my dad I made 3 little placemats earlier this year.
She already got one last year for christmas but asked for a few more .

She told me that she really like every placemat.
I will visited her in december again and need to think about a little gift.

Maybe some cute pottholder ?

A friend of my little sis asked for pillow case for her little sun (who turned one in october).

She wanted some nautical themed fabrics so I came up with this pillow case.

I used the cute fish fabrics which I bought in Tokyo earlier this year.
For the back I used fabric from a vintage pillow case.

I added a little L since the name of the little boy starts with a L.

I'm not sure if I told you about it but I started a new job in august.
One of my co-workers in a fun and creative lady.
When turned a year older I had to give her something special.

I made this pillow case for me but since I already have so many I thought that this would make a perfect gift.

She makes amazing crafts using old books and newspaper so it's just right for her.

A pillow cover might be a bit borring so I added 3 little matching coaster.

At the moment I'm working on a bag for my MIL (christmas present) and some clothes (pants, sweaters) for myself .

I will post more about it the next days.

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  1. Oh, wonderful!! Everything is really very very nice! :)