Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meet Bubble

This little girl started her life as a SBL Silver Snow  before I turned her into a completly new girl.


      Work done:

- carved lips, nose and philtrum
- spray painted eyeballs (white)
- sleep eyes
- painted eyelids
- eyes boggled and gaze corected
- 2 pullrings (normal one , special key one)
- new face up sealed with MSC matte
- 4 new eyechips (greenish blue, light blue, sparkle pink & blue )
- Licca body
              - there is a small gap between her scalp and head

She will travel with the monster outfit shown in the pictures. It's light pink monster hat and a matching blue coat dress with working pockets.

If you are interessted in giving her home check out my shop. .


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