Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crazy christmas sewing

The past 2 weeks I was busy with sewing clothes again.

When I started sewing in 2006 I mostly worked on clothes for myself.
My interessts changed often but since I a few weeks I really enjoy sewing clothes for myself.

It started with a wonderful christmas fabric which I found for bargain in my local fabric store.

Only 3,90 € for meter. I had to get this fabric.
I took one of my favourite sweaters from H&M and took the pattern from this oversized sweater.

I took my good old serger out I ended up with this fun christmas related sweater.
The fabric is very soft and it's so cozy so I went back to buy some more.

Sadly it was sold out in all colors but I found another great fabric.
So the second sweter was born.

Since I had a little bit of fabric left over I was looking for another quick and fun pattern.
I found an easy pattern for pants and bought is right away.

The pants are very comfy which is very important when you work with kids.
The pattern had a long version too so I tryed it with a very soft fake suede.

A friend of mine liked my christmas sweater so much and the cute christmas fabric was back in stock.
This time I pocked the cream fabric. 

I loved the fabric so much that I needed sth. out of the fabric too.
Of course I made.....pants .

Now to the last sweater.
I used fabric which I bought 7 years ago.
Finally I turned it in sth. great.

I hope you are not sick seeing pants and sweaters only.
But I'm so happy with my new clothes so I had to share .


  1. Todo es muy, muy bonito y resulta divertido, me encanta esta ropa y como te queda. Enhorabuena.

  2. I love your christmas jumpers! Pleas could you share which pattern you used for your pants? its exctly what i'm looking for! x linden

  3. Wonderful job! I love the pants :)