Saturday, January 22, 2011

a busy day

I had a really busy day...and I didn't expect to have a packed day like this when I went to bed very early last night.
I woke up really late today. It looks like my body needed extra sleep after that busy week I had.
I got up and I hated how the flat looked like. It was dirty and the kitchen looked like a battle field.
I cleaned the flat and after Mie complained I cleaned the cat toilet too.
I was in cleaning mood so I made the laundry too.
I was still full of power so I decided (after 2 hours in front of the TV) to go jogging for a whileSo I took the car and went to my fave jogging place. It was packed with people but I didn't care because I heard my fave music and enjoyed the rare sunshine.

    (me after jogging)

I went to supermarket (in my jogging clothes) and the people stared at me. But I didn't care because I was in a really good mood.

                                                (Mie checking out the shopping bag)

 I spent a few hours in the kitchen to make a big pot of cabbage soup. It will lastfor a few days and I can bring some of it with at work.
I planed to work on a few bunny bags but Mie had different plans. She slept for a few hours on my lap (she misses mr. artistic) and gave me strange looks when I tryed to put her on the blanket.

(Mie on the kitchen table)

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