Friday, January 28, 2011

ducklings again

While we visited mr. artistic parents for christmas I took some craft stuff with me.  I discovered my love for appliqué again.
I started making appliqué bags in 2006 and I stoped making these bags when I started with the dolls.
I'm still a bit "rusty" so I started with a little bunny for mr. artistics niece. It's a simple H&M shirt but with the bunny it's now a unique garment.

(little Hoppel)

Around 5 years ago I planed to make a bag collection called "musical ducklings". Sadly I never finished the collection so I made only 5 duckling bags.
While mr. artistic was sick and I was borred I came up with idea to make "circus duckling" bags. I just finished two of them and you can find the i phone/ i pod touch bags in my shop.
(duckling bags)

You can find more pictures of the bag on etsy.

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