Sunday, January 30, 2011

caramel pecan (walnut) apple pie

 I'm adicted to american recipes since a few years. I always loved the cupcakes with the yummy frosting even if they are a bit sweet for me. Since monday I'm reading american pie reciepes because I wanted to try making my first pie.
I picked the caramel pecan apple pie and read a few reviews. Sadly I wasn't able to find any pecans around so I changed the recipe and used walnuts instead of pecans.
Baking the pie was really dangerous because I burned my finger and little Mie burned her paw when I tried to jump in the oven. I woke mr. artistic up and in my inner eye I already saw us rushing to the vet. But gladly my shock was much bigger than hers (she is sleeping on my lap while I'm typing this).

(adding the apples)
 I think it was a really easy recipe and I didn't expect to finish the pie that fast. The dough worked well even if I wasn't sure about the amount of shortening.

(butter on the top)

Gladly I was able to to place the top crust over the apples without destroying the ehole cake. I used a small leaf cookie cutter to give the pie a cute look.

(ready for the oven)
I had some problems to convert fahrenheit to °C but at the end everything went well and I finished the pie without burning.

(fresh out of the oven)

I already had two small slieces and I have to say it's DELECIOUS.

(Want a slice ??)

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