Monday, January 24, 2011

Sports - hate or love ?!

When I was still school I always hated sport. I don't know why but most of my family was not very active when it came to sport. Due to some serious problems (she spend months in the hospital when she was young because of these spine problems) with her spine my mom wasn't able to do a lot of sports and so there was nobody who forced us to dot it (except of my grandpa who always forced me and my sis to go hiking with him when we were still kids).
When I left school I told everybody that from today I won't do any sports in my whole life.
I changed my mind when I became ill with breast cancer. While I still got my cheme treatment I started with jogging and hiking.
Today I try to do sports every week. Last year I was in swimming but right now I enjoy jogging much more because I'm to lazy to rush to the public indoor swimming pool.

 (me jogging today)

(sport university - you can see some students doing sports)

(sports field - sport university
I have only one body and I have to care for it. Sport will keep me healthy !!!


  1. i think its easier to do sports in cooler temperatures

    can you imagine doing sports when you just walked out of the airport in singapore?

  2. I think so too..
    I won't be able to do any sports in singapore...I almost died when I was just walking around...