Monday, February 21, 2011

A normal (boring) week

Sometimes it's really hard for me to find something to write about on this blog. My weekend and weeks are always the same and I don't want to bother anyone with my boring life.
Who is reading this blog ????
 I have no stories to tell about raising kids or cakes I made . Some weekends or weeks I'm just hanging around after work and do nothing. I watch TV , read blogs and try to kick my ass to be creative or productive in any way. But most of the time it doesn't work.

Now I'm sitting again in front of my laptop and try to summarize the past week.

Monday: I went to work. I went jogging after work and relaxed at home while watching old "Made" episodes on my laptop.

Tuesday: I went to work and recieved a lovely package from Loki. I spend the evening again watching MTV "Made".

Wednesday: Again work in the office. I met for lunch with my friend Katja and went jogging again. Found out that my car might get broke.

Thursday: I had several meetings at work and worked on a flyer. I found out that my car is OK. It wasn't a big thing (knock on wood). I had a doctors apointment to get my lungs checked. X-rayed again but gladly everything is fine. We rushed to mr. artistics parents home to spent the weekend with them

Friday: I slept a bit longer. Finally I got up and went jogging. I hang around and watched TV untill we went for birthday dinner (mr. artistics mom).

(outfit for birthday dinner)
Saturday: I had a good night's rest again. I went grocery shopping. Did a bit of sewing (not because I was in mood it's because I had to finish it) and watched TV. I dyed my hair dark brown again (sorry no blonde this time) and went to bed early.

(grocery shopping outfit)
Sunday: I went jogging with mr. artistics parents. One hour car ride untill we arrived back at home. Discovered that MTV US published all the "Real life" episodes. My evening are filled with escaping from reality for the next days.

So my week is borring and the same EVERY WEEK !!!!

Today I was a lucky day because I found a lovely package from my dear friend Lala. She sent me the cutest handmade things ever and I'm already wearing Matroschka (that's how we call the wooden dolls in east germany) necklace.

Everything she sent is so darling and even the envelope looked like a piece of art.

(lovely mail from Lala)
Good news from Mo because the Hoppel bag I made for her finally arrived.

(Hoppel bag)
I hope that all of you had a good start into the new week.
I'm off to see my psychologist today.


  1. you do not have a boring blog its nice to see that some people have a nice routine and dont moan about all the silly things in their lives!!! I love it ( & ur flickr) also that hoppel bag is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I think after all you have been through, you deserve some quiet "boring" weeks! I love the hoppel bag, too!

  3. That's not boring at all! How's the jogging going? My motivation is on the floor... and so is my ass ;)

  4. You have good motivation for jogging ^__^ And I love your hair <3

  5. I love your hair short and you seem almost to look younger now.
    I am also dark after many blonde/red years.