Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I had my first gastroscopy in my life today. I was a bit scared because I wasn't sure what will happen. The doctor asked me if I want to sleep while he was doing it and I said "Yes, of course!".
I choose the "small" narcosis because I don't want to be awake while somebody is checking my stomach.
The nurse prepared everything and the doctor entered the room. He is a really nice doctor with a soft voice and friendly face (he is around 40+).
He made a comment about my colourful shirt (which was a gift formyself for my birthday this year) and I told him that if I have to get up that early (OK ...it's a lie because it was the same time I usually work already for more than an hour) I want to make everybody happy with seeing me with  a super colourful and bright shirt.

(ignore the mess and spy the shirt)
I woke up around 15 minutes later and everything was done. The nurse told me to get up and have a rest untill the doctor is ready. My belly felt puffed up and I still hope that I didn't fart while I was asleep *crossing fingers*.
The doctor told me that everything was OK but he will get the complete tests in 2 days. He will call me when something was bad with the tests. I asked for a sick certificate and gladly he gave me one. I didn't feel sick or anything but due to the narcosis I wasn't allowed to drive the car.
Mr. artistic picked me up (which was pretty hard because he had to get up early) we went back home.
 I found a little wound on my lip. Must happened while the doctor removed the tube. Except of this little issue I'm feeling fine !

(Dr. Hoppel)


  1. Fingers crossed! I hpe everything is fine. I love the Dr.Hoppel it looks so professional :D

  2. Hope it turns out well Isa.
    Hope you saw my Hoppel arrived safe. x

  3. Hi there, is almost weekend! :) I hope you're fine and have nice plans, I just came to say Good week end!

  4. Ich drücke die Daumen! Das T-Shirt gefällt mir und im Stapel sehe ich eine Repro-Licca.....