Tuesday, February 8, 2011

weekend with in-laws

Mr. artistic and I visit his parents very often. They live only 80 km away so it takes us only 1 1/4 hour car drive to see them.
Gladly my weekend already starts on friday (32 hours work/week) so we are leaving on thursday right after work.
I spend the thursday mostly with sleeping. I don't why I'm always so sleepy when I arrive at their home. Maybe the car ride and the 8 h work ?
The friday is always reserved for some activities with my in-laws. I'm very lucky to have such cute in-laws. I totally love it to spend my time with them. We go hiking, jogging, shopping, holidays, museums and all the other fun things.
On friday we decided to have a lazy day so we only went jogging. I totally admire how fit mr. artistics parents are. His dad will turn 76 this year and his mum is 60 something. I hope that I will be that fit too when I turn that old.

(Molala at the sports ground)

Mostly we spend one evening together with his parents and one evening we go out with some friends. This weekend my MIL asked us to play scarbble with her  because it's her fave game. I have to say that I'm very bad in scrabble. My brain always seems to stop working when I see so many letters. Or maybe it's because of the wine we had ?

I can't remember who won this time but I'm sure it was mr. artistic. He always find the best words and clears his letter bord a few times and gains tons of extra points. Can you believe that I only cleaned the letter bord once completly ?!

On saturday I went swimming with my MIL while mr. artistic went for a little walk with his dad. The evening was reserved for our friends and we went to a 30ies birthday party.

(me before we left for the party)
You see we have a pretty normal weekend. Nothing fancy right ?!

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