Monday, August 29, 2011

A date with mr. artistic

I'm a married woman since more than a week now.
I have to admit that I feel a little bit different now. I have no idea how to explain that (especially in english) but I feel really grown up now.
Calling mr. artistic my husband makes me feel like a real adult.
I know that I'm nearly 30 and I'm an adult since many years already but being a wife to the man I love makes a completly difference.

Last friday mr. artistic and I had a date. We rarely go out because of lack of money. But the main reason is we are super duper lazy.

Friday was an awesome sunny day. We had around 32°C which was pretty hot in comparison to the lousy summer we had this year.

It was a really short trip (only 4 hours) but we managed to do lots of things.
I heard from my coworker about a lovely restaurant near a little lake. We took the car and after 20 km we arrived in the countryside.

When I saw the beautifal lake I totally regret that I didn't bring my bikini. This summer was so cold that I didn't use my bikini very often this year.

There was still some time before we went for lunch in the lovely restaurant so mr. artistic came up with the idea to play mini golf.
I have to admit that this was my first time playing mini golf and I really drove mr. artistic crazy.
When it comes to sports which I don't like I'm not very passionate and never try hard to be make a good job.

Since it was already 2 pm when we finished mini golf we went straight to the restaurant.
I had somethhing typicall german. I had Schnitzel with croquettes. They had really yummy cakes for dessert but I wal already full.

After lunch we still had some time left before we had to go home (because of my sports classes).
We rented a little boat and just enjoyed the summer day.

It was the perfect date on a perfect sunny summer day.

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  1. how romantic. err the golf thing is too short for you! LOL LOL LOL