Tuesday, August 2, 2011

strawberry fields forever

Every time when I take the glass with homemade strawberry jam out of the fridge I remember these warm sunny days in june.

I was back at my grandparents home for a few days.
I traveled with my dad.

(my dad)
We took our bikes for a fun and long ride. My dad brought me to places where he spent the most awesome days in his childhood.

(dad's bike)
I love the home of my grandparents.
The house is full of childhood memories.
Each summer untill I turned 18 my sis and I spent a few weeks durring summer at their house.
My grandma made clothes for my dolls and my grandpa build houses and beds for them.

(road back to my grandparents home)
Since my grandma dies last year the house feels empty.
I miss her and seeing her knitting and sewing.
This month she would turn 90.
My grandpa misses her a lot.
He picks flowers for her every week and arange her picture that she can see everything.

I will keep the memories of Lomnitz (this is how the village is called) in my heart forever.
Once my grandpa isn't on this earth anymore I won't be able to go back.

(dad picks strawberries)

I'm glad that I had an awesome time with my dad around this area this summer.
We visited friends, explored amazing little castles and went strawberry picking early in the morning.

(me strawberry picking)
Since june the summer is missing in germany.
Cold weather , rain and grey skies.
But I still have the pics to remember the fun times <3.

(picking strawberries at 7 am)
And I still have the homemade strawberry jam which makes me happy.

(fresh strawberries frsh from the field)


  1. these pics ar so beautiful isa. i envy you. i always wished i had such a life!


  2. I'm very lucky to live in a country with lots of green and old historical buildings.
    But this is only a small part of my life. Most days are the same. Get uop, go to work, sport or some sewing and finally go to bed late eas always ^___^)

  3. such special memories!!!! :)

  4. what a beautiful post... a lot of love here. thanks for sharing, Isa... hugs xo amy