Wednesday, August 31, 2011

week 35: Things I love

I always take lots of pictures of things I like but I never post or upload any of these.
So I came up with the idea to post every wednesday about things I love.

Feel free to join me. Post every wednesday a picture (or a few more) of things you like and tell us why.

This week I'm loving....

Having a cold iced coffee with lots of cream on a super hot & sunny day.
Hot days are rare this summer so I make sure that I have one when the sun is finally showing.

Getting candy and cakes from my dad with the cutest packaging.
It's from my fave fairy tale "Drei Hasselnüsse für Aschenbrödel". The film is from 1973 and based on Cinderella .

Cuddeling with my little Mie.
These are really rare moment because she is not the cuddle type of cat.

Spreading the love for dolls.
My little niece finally saw and played with her first Blythe. Her mum thinks Blythe are scary but I will definetly give her her first Blythe as a birthday gift when she is old enough.

Enjoying my fave instant noodles.
I tryed these in japan 2008 and bought 2 packages when I was in Hong Kong last year.
Sadly this was the last one so I need to stock up when I'm goiing to Hong Kong in november.

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