Monday, August 8, 2011

vintage plus

I can't remember the day when I started to work on the plus quilt.
It must be early may when I ordered some vintage sheets and scraps from Jeni's shop.

(first order)

At that time I didn't know anything about kona solids so I went to my local fabric shop and picked up some coloured cotton fabric.
The quality is nice but not so soft like the kona solids.

(may 2011: first 211 squares)

Gladly a friend of my dad gave me a box with left over fabrics with some lovely solids inside.
I have no idea where they are from or if they are 100 % cotton but I liked the colours.

(june 2011 - lying out the fabrics)

Now 3 month later my first big quilt for myself is done . It's made from vintage sheets, vintage fabrics from my personal collection and some unkown solids.

(mr. artistic hiding behind my quilt - still wearing his sport outfit because we took this pic after jogging)
I'm so proud that I finished this baby. I made lots of mistakes and I learned a lot this time.

1. Order the backing early
(at least 2 month before starting the project because shipping to germany is slow)

2. Buy the right batting.
(I ordered my batting 3 time because I always bought the wrong one)

3. Don't use a cross for the backing if you want to quilt straight lines
(when you are not able to place the backing correctly)

4. Use batting spray.
(I will never use safety pins again. I looove batting spray)

(back of the quilt - made vintage scraps and kona espresso)
I'm so happy that my first quilt is done. Sometimes it really drovse me nuts but I'm glad that I finished it.
I'm a bit sad about the quilting. The stitches really came out nice but I really wanted to quilt straight lines next to the seams.

Sadly I had to change my mind because I wasn't able to place the backing perfect to match the quilt top.
The diagonal lines are nice but I think the plus pattern looks much nicer with straight lines.

Today we have the stupid cold german weather and I can snuggle under my new quilt.

(label for my second quilt)


  1. This looks great, I love the contrast on the back.

  2. Yay! It looks so great! Congrats on your first big quilt!! :)