Sunday, August 28, 2011

a sunday in pictures

Sunday is always the most laziest day in the week.
Today was completly different.

I got lots of things done without complaining.

(What's in your fridge ? I serve films !)
 I cleaned the fridge and the cat toilet.

Mie was super lazy as always. She rested on the H&M box and gave me instructions.

(Mie's fave place - untill I sent the clothes back to H&M)
I made two cakes for work tomorrow. They are for the guys at work.

(gateaux de jaourt)
(almond butter cake)
 I went jogging with mr. artistic and collected some wild grown apples.
I made stewed apples with cinnamon. It's my fave dessert for lunch at work.

(stewed apples with cinnamon)
I prepared the dinner.
It's such a long time since I last had a good pizza bologna. I bought all the ingredients and made one myself.
(pizza bologna)
Pizza bologna was my fave pizza when I was in italy 10 years ago.

I made a really big pizza so I can still enjoy a piece tomorrow at work for lunch.

Now I'm working on a little sewing project. I started with this one a long time ago.
Hopefully I can finish it today.

Now I'm resting on my fave sofa and watch some films with mr. artistic.
How was/is your sunday ?


  1. Isabelle, my Sunday is as lazy as me!
    I slept more than intended.
    I had lunch with the family, spent the afternoon between blogs, e-mail. I also made a vanilla cake with chocolate and put order in the craft material. Tomorrow is Monday and I have much work to me!
    =) Ana
    Forgive the grammar, I use google translate. =/

  2. Your Sunday looks very yummy! I'd love to see what you make with those super cute fabrics.

  3. i don't know what you're working on, but it is super cute! i spent my sunday writing penpal letters :]