Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hoppel linen collection

I always loved to work with linen.
I love the texture and the look of linen products.

I have a few lovely linen FQ with adorable prints.
I always saved those for the perfect project.

Since a while I rarely touch or use these.
Last week I worked on a linen Hoppel for a friend.

(first linen Hoppel for a friend)
I enjoyed working with linen again.
I found all the beautiful linen in my cabinet.
I couldn't resist to make 4 more linen Hoppel.

(linen Hoppel's in the row)
I finally found a way to use the little charms which I bought in Singapore last year.

(cute little Hoppel charm)
They make the linen Hoppel's even more special.
If you need a helping hand. Adopt a little Hoppel and you will never be alone.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Isabelle, the result is the same lovely linen.
    Here in Brazil, recently launched a floral print. Very cute.
    If one day you want, I can send you.
    Good Sunday to you.