Saturday, December 17, 2011

bobby pins

I'm letting my hair grow a bit to have a cute bob in a few months.
My fringe is still short and not managable. It's always in front of my eyes and very annoying.

I have very thin hair so normal bobby pins are to heavy for me. They always fell out after a few hours.

In Hong Kong I went to some craft shops with Mo and Helen and found some blank tiny bobby pins.

Today I had a few minutes left to make some cute bobby pins for myself.
I used some tiny vintage buttons from my big stash and two little flowers which I purchased in Hong Kong .

I got a blank hair band too and added two tiny flowers.
It's a very simple design but I love it. 

Beside of the bobby pins I'm working on a christmas gift for my SIL. It's a simple quilt made from precut stripes and some solids.

Mie really enjoys the new quilt too. But sorry baby. This quilt is not for you.

Now I need to finish posting because mr. artistic and I having our yearly "Lord of the rings" marathon.

This year in HD :)

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