Friday, December 2, 2011

Hong Kong : day 7

Hong Kong : day 7, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.
The times flies so fast. My 7th day of vacation is nearly over. In 4 days I have to take the flight back to germany. But this will definetly not be my last time here in Hong Kong. I love this city so much and I love my friends from Hong Kong even more. Wendy, Helen and Mo turn every day of my vacation into sth. unforgetable.
Today I went to Tsuen Wan. I read about the Sam Tung Uk museum in In my travelbook. The museum is a traditional Hakka walled village that was founded by Chan clan in the 18th century. A lot of the people from the Chan family played an important roll in politics, theater etc.
The village was in a really bad shape when they started to restore the it. In 1987 the museum was completed. They had really hard times to find old furniture and wooden working supplies. They found most of the stuff in an old farming village where the people worked with those old wooden working supplies.
The hat I'm wearing can be tried on in the museum. The women used to wear these while working on the fields.
In the early afternoon I met with Mo and Helen for some craft supllie shopping. I've never seen so many beads and pendants for such a cheap price. Sadly I have no project in mind so I only bought a few. For dinner I shared a rice pizza and some noodle with pumpkinsauce with Mo.

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  1. Everything sounds so interesting. :D It's awesome to know how you are enjoying your time there. I look forward to read every one of these posts.