Thursday, December 1, 2011

Honk Kong day 6

I feel a lot better today! After a long and restorative beauty sleep I felt fit enough to go on delightful trip. After a quick breakfast (a tuna bun as usual) I went on to the central station where Wendy was already waiting for me. After that we moved on to the pier where we met with Helen. About 1:20 hours later we finally reached Cheung Chau Island. Unfortunately it's a little cold here in HK so warm cloth are a must. After our arrival we had a super yummy seafood lunch (you could choose the crabs right from the fish tank).
Cheung Chau is a small island that attracts a lot locals especially on the weekends and holidays. There are no cars allowed on Cheung Chau so you have to rent a bike if you want to explore this beautiful island and its small alleys. Helen was nice enough to provide us with some interesting facts about the island and the astounding temple that is already more than a hundred years old. We had a fantastic time with lots of chatter and laughter. It is absolute awesome to hang out with Helen and Wendy. I ate tons of stuff: sweet, sour and spicy....stil can't decide what I like the best.
At 6:20 we had to take the boat to get back. Later that evening we had some chicken rice and a tasty dessert. All in all I had a fantastic day...unfortunately time goes too fast.
Thanks ladies for the most perfect day. I enjoyed every minute of our trip!!!
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  1. ...weist du wie schön es ist das alles zu lesen? Ich müsste mir viel öfter Zeit dafür nehmen (letztendlich hol ich ja doch jeden Eintrag nach weil es einfach SÜCHTIG macht ^o^) Ein bisschen als wär man dabei. Genau das Bisschen, das ich grad brauche um aus meinem Kopf raus zu kommen.

    Freu mich für dich...und mit dir :)

    Ganz ganz liebe Grüße :*