Friday, December 30, 2011

my christmas week in pictures

It's already a week since I left home for christmas holidays.
I had no time for blogging because I was visiting family and friends.

I spent the three christmas days with the inlaws.

My little niece is growing so fast. She is turning 2 in january and already talking so much <3
I love it when is saying my name.

After Christmas I rushed to Berlin.

On 27th my sis (who is living in Berlin and where I'm staying till new years eve) and I went to my dad for dinner. My dad is living in Berlin too and he spent christmas with my sis.

We cooked together and watched a movie (which turned out to be the most stupid movie of 2011 for me).

The next day my sis + I met up with my little sis and went to my grandparents home. My grandma turned 75 and we went out for lunch.

(my grandma)

(my little sis and my grandpa)
(my big sis)
Yesterday I met with my friend Katja for lunch....

(me in the metro showing my sis via phone that I always bring my little toy cat)

...and some spanish chocolate with churros.

Later that days my sis and I went to Bärbel (an old friend of my dad) for dinner. We spent hours with chatting and eating <3.

Today my sis and I started our day in bed with a good Jane Austen movie.
Later we went shopping to use my christmas money to get myself a new coat.
Sadly m fave color was sold out already so I went with a light brown.
Mr. artistic calls the color poo-poo brown.
I lke it because it goes well with my purple hat ans scarf.

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