Monday, December 19, 2011

only 5 days

Only 5 days till christmas and I'm still not on holiday mood.
Still fighting against the cold which I catched in Hong Kong more than 2 weeks ago.
Runny nose, stomach problems etc.
I still need to prepare christmas presents.

(today at work behind my office)
There is no christmas decoration in my home this year. Not even a tiny wodden figure or a shiny candle. I own 3 large boxes of christmas decoration (+ one big box of christmas ornaments for the christmas tree). Mostly vintage things and lots of stuff which I got from my mom.
I won't set up everything for the remain days because I'm not in mood.

I hope next year I will be in mood to decorate the whole flat.

I'm working till thursday and mr. artistic and I will head to his families place for christmas on friday.

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