Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a wedding quilt and other patchwork goods

Attention: This post is filled with lots of pictures !

When I took the plane to Hong Kong my suitcase was filled with lovely gifts for friends.
I've been working on these goods for a few months already but wasn't allowed to show the results untill now.

You might recognize some of these because I showed some teasers a while back but never the complete work.

Lets start with biggest gift I brought to Hong Kong. My friend Wendy got married in november and of course I had to make her a quilt.
This is my third complete quilt (if I don't count the 2 quilt tops which are waiting to get basted and quilted) and I'm proud that I did all the work in time.

The post office really gave me headache a few times because my solid order took around 2 month to arrive.
But at least I did it in time.

Due to the lack of time (and quilting skills) I had to skip the the idea to quilt this baby free motion. I was afraid that I might ruin the whole quilt so I went with simple stright lines instead.

I really like the quilt pattern and I talked about it already here. Sadly my points never match completly but after the quilting and the washing it's not that bad anymore.
I used the kona espresso for the background and some of my nicey jane fabrics for the stars.

The backing of the is a mixture of kona espresso, some pink kona (I don't know the color by heart) and a big piece of nicey jane.

I went with the brown color scheme because I was hoping that it might fit into her bedroom (or living room).
The quilt is to small to use it as a bed cover but at least Wendy can snuggle under quilt on cold days.

A week before I left Wendy told me that a new iphone bag would be a perfect. The last one was to small she she gave it to her mom.
I'm always bad with measurements when I don't have the object in hand but this time it works.
It's a bit tight but at least it's working.

The back of the iphone bag as another star in red color. I hand quilted around each star. I really enjoy handquilting on small projects. You definetly see more hand quilted tiny projects next year.

Wedding is for couples so why not bringing a Hoppel couple as a little wedding gift ?!

I made two Hoppel couples because one couple went to Sabrina and Vincent who spent a perfect day with Wendy and me in Stanley (like last year too).

Mo is another lovely friend from Hong Kong.
I'm lucky that I was able to see her in Hong Kong a few times this year again. Mo has a super lovely little family.

I made two little patchwork pillow covers for lovely kids.
The pink one is for a Sammie and the blue one for her little brother Dortie.

They are both such cute and fun kids. In Hong Kong we spent one afternoon with making soap bubbles and another day Sammie thaught me how to make cute little angels made from beads.

Of course I brought a little gift for Mo too.
I made Mo a bag for her earphones early this year in red and yellow colors.
Mo asked for matching bag for her iphone since the old one is completly worn out.

I had lots of fun with reserve applique again and I tryed a tiny patchwork pattern.
I hand quilted both sides and added a little loop to be able add a fun charm.

Because I was totally in wonky stars making mood I had to play with that pattern for Helen's gift too.
I made a fun little christmas themed placemat (or mug rug because it's a bit tiny for a placemat).
I hand quilted this one too. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the back.

There was a little blue Hoppel for Helen as well. But sadly I'm not able to find the pic right now.


  1. awesome gifts, Isa, your friends (including me!) are very lucky... xo amy

  2. These are definitely awesome. I bet they were super happy to receive such awesome gifts.

  3. I love all your gifts! You must have very happy friends :)

  4. Wow thats a lot of gifts! How sweet of you to make them and carry them all the way with you. They are all so beatiiful!