Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bubble tea

I discovered my love for bubble tea back in 2010.
 I was the first time in Hong Kong and tryed lots of super yummy things.
The bubble tea was always in my mind and I thought about opening a bubble tea shop in germany.
I knew that there were a few shops in bigger cities in germany but not in the city where I live.
When I went to Singapore with my friend Wendy I bought some tapioka pearls to try it at home.

But like most of the things I bring home I keep them as long as they get rotten. Same happened to the tabioka pearls in my fridge.
Since early this year the bubble tea is entering the whole country. You can find bubble tea shops in every little city at the moment.
In Göttingen where I live opened 3 bubble tea shops this year.

bubble tea with stars
 Sometimes I regret that I didn't try my luck and opened a bubble tea shop. But I'm a lazy girl and I think it would be hard to life from the money of a bubble tea shop back then. Since the shops are everywhere across the country people are used to bubble tea and it's much easier to sell . You don't need to explain the bubble tea to the people (especially the younger ones).
They consume lots of it and like I said you find them nearly everywhere.

 Every time I go shopping I have to make a little stop at the bubble tea shop. Of course it's definetly not the same taste like in Hong Kong.
But everytime I have a bubble tea in my hands I feel a little bit like vacation.
The first months since they popped all out in germany I tryed to avoid bubble tea because I don't want other people think that I jumped on the bandwagon and drink the tea to be IN.

But now I think completly different.
Bubble tea gives me a feeling of vacation.
And that's all I want and need.

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