Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh sunshine

Last friday I went back to work. Gladly friday is always a short day so I left the office quickly after 1 pm.

Mr. artistic and I headed to Hildesheim to spend the long weekend with the inlaws.
The weather is still freaking awesome and I was glad to have a garden for the next days.

Since my MIL had some problems with her back we just did a little bit of shopping on saturday and stayed at home the other two days.

I really wanted to go swimming but durring chemo it's better not to go to public swimming pools.
Sadly there is no lake around the corner so me and mr. artistic came up with fantastic idea.

We set up the little fun pool from our niece....not only for her.

We had an awesome time in the little pool. It was big enough to fit me completly and I used it quiet often.

I wasn't just lazy the long weekend.
I came up with a new quilt idea. I have to admit that I have this quilt in my mind since a few months already but I was just to lazy to do all the cutting.

Nearly 400 squares waiting for me to turn them into sth. good and usefull.

I hope you all enjoyed the first sunny days. 

I did !


  1. Glad you had a little dip in a pool! ANd adore the design for the quilt!

  2. Looks a lovely way to spend the day - very creative thinking. 400 squares, that is amazing. Look forward to seeing the quilt take shape.