Tuesday, May 22, 2012

way to hot

OMG...it seems that we skip spring this year.
The past 4 days it's getting hotter around here.
You can barely move without sweating like crazy.

It's day 5 after Chemo and I'm getting better. I'm still at home but I have plans to go back at work on thursday. Actually I wanted to go back tomorrow but the weather is telling me another story.
Chemo and sun doesn't go well together so it's better to stay indoors and relax.

I have a lot of things on my sewing list but I have no energy to start or to continue working on projects.
In my mind I'm working on several projects but in real life I do nothing than hanging around.

My mood changes every day as well. Sometimes I'm full of hope and sometimes I'm full of anxiety.

On saturday I recieved a lovely mail from Teresa from Singapore.

She surpriced with an awesome crochet collar which goes so nicely with my blue shirt.
It looks even better with styled hair :)

She inclueded a super soft light blue scarf with the cutest print ever. My sis was so kind to model it for me. I was still not feeling well so it was her turn to show you my newesr scarf.
I love colors so so much and I already have the perfect blue shirt to go with it.

Thank you soooo much Teresa for sending me such an awesome surprice <3
Sorry for not being able to link to your website or anything else. There was no card in the box so I need your help.


  1. Hello, I found your blog thanks to hexagons. I love them too and I have to say, that your hexagon quilt is sooo lovely and really great work!

    And... I would like to say: keep hope!


  2. Control anxiety and keep hope. Faith!
    Cheering for you, here in Brazil, Ana!

  3. what a great friend to surprise you with the collar & scarf & glad your sister is still there for you. Feeling dancing all around & through the issue of health are so normal & good as you are not pretending to be positive, but getting there when natural for you. you have all our love from out here around the world to get you through this. i have faith, I'm not particularly religious, but I do believe in people's energy & prayer which you have from many of us. Hope you definitely feel better soon so you can truly enjoy the sunny weather! Hope to one day meet you.