Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pillow talk

The weather is still to hot to move so I try to keep everything on a min.
This is definetly the best time to blog about my latest patchwork pillows.

When I was working on some holiday projects I started a small block of bow ties made with my fave fabrics.
I planed to turn this into a sketchbook cover but the design didn't stand out enough for a cover.
I set the block aside and worked on it again 3 months ago when I returned from Bad Homburg.

I added a few more bow ties and turned it finally into a new pillow cover for our living room.
Because it's a small project I decided on hand quilting.

The pillow doesn't look very shiny and new anymore because I used it a lot already in the past months.

The second pillow project started while I stayed at the inlaws after surgery.
I needed some fun hand sewing but wasn't in mood to work on the big hexie quilt.

So I pulled some random scraps and took them with me to the inlaws.
I have to admit that I didn't have a plan at all when I started with the hexies.

So I was just sewing them together and ended up with a colorfull stripe of hexies.
When I went home I was looking for background fabric and luckily I had enough of the grey metro circles to make a pillow cover.

I tryed my free motion skills on that pillow and I really like the result.
It's far away from being perfect but it's nice enough to sit on my sofa.

The background fabric is from my stash as well. I was looking for a bigger piece of fabric and found this lovely oldie but goldie.

The burning bears are a bit rude but I love the colors and the print :)

My third pillow was made for a reason.
I wanted a cute pillow for the chemo.
I have to stay at the doctor's office for around 5 hours durring the chemo and I wanted sth comfy and cute.

 When I planed the pillow cover I had a different design in my head but it didn't work with blue and red fabrics.
So I changed my mind and went with wonky crosses instead.

Finally I found a good use for the lovely red newspaper print. I quilted each cross by hand with embroidery thread from my stash.
For the back I used a fun red piggy fabric which I bought in 2008 in Japan.

Today I made the decission that I'm not going to work tomorrow. The weather is to hot and I think it's better to relax than going to stressfull meeting at work.
I'm going back on friday when the weather isn't that hot anymore.


  1. Love your pillows Isa. They're all super cute! I hope you're keeping cool xx

  2. love your pillows Isa & hope you are feeling a little better every day. I especially like the hexagon strip pillow. What perfect material, the grey metro fabric for your hexagons. Oh & I love the fun little Japanese piggy fabric, hopefully the pillow brightens up your time spent at the doctor's & makes it a bit more comfortable. hugs always!

  3. So nice pillows!!! Lovely fabrics, nice quilting... Jolana

  4. They are beautiful. My favorite is the pillow with the red crosses. I just ordered some of that seed catalog fabric but yellow. Now I want red.