Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Think big

I have to admit that I'm one of these woman who always carry nearly half of their household everywhere they go.
I always buy big bags to store as much as I can.

When I traveled to Hong Kong last autumn I was looking for a bag which is big enough to carry all that stuff I need one plane. The bag needed to be big enough to store my vintage camera, my canon 550 D , my tablet  PC, a pillow for the long flight and other thing a girl really "NEED".

I was very lucky when I found the nikki bag pattern from I like orange.
I ordered the fabric right away but due to the slow postal service it didn't arrive in time.
When I came back the fabric arrived at my doorstep.
Since last year my dream fabric from Aneela Hoey was waiting to be turned into a bag.

But I was't in mood and of course I didn't have time anyway so there was no progress.

Two weeks ago finally I I started the bag and finished it one day later.
Sadly the buttons didn't which I got before I saw the fabric color didn't match the red of the bottom fabric so I had to skip this step.

Originally I planed to add a zipper to have all my stuff safe but since I'm not using the bag on a long trip anymore I skiped this idea.
I just added the pockets inside to hold some small stuff.

The bag is big enough to store all my sewing supplies when I'm travling to the inlaws.

I already bought another bag pattern to make an even bigger stuff to hold some clothes and make up while I travel at the weekends.
But more about this later .

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