Monday, May 21, 2012

last night

last night, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

My sis went back home last night. I won 't be able to see here before july. I totally miss here. The flat is so empty.
I had plans to go back at work but I'm still feeling weak. I will try to go back at work on wednesday.I'm still taking a few pills which keep me away from vomiting.
Right now I don't see any chance to go to the Blythe europe meeting in Berlin. It's one day after Chemo and today I'm at day 4 and don't feel very comfortable or talkactive. I don't that you all want to see a quiet silent Isa all day ?!


  1. so special that your sister was able to be there for the chemo.

  2. I completely understand Isa, Last year I went to Blythe Con 2011 right after I had had Pneumonia which lead to a brief sort of death & heart failure & in ICU for 2 weeks that I still don't remember only remember being in the respiratory & heart wings for the next week or so. After being home only one night I was readmitted by ambulance for 2 days for an inconsistent heart, then released, but still went down to BlytheCon two days later despite dragging large oxygen tanks & the very attractive tubing around my head ending in my nose. I didn't get to enjoy the vendors or much of the actual event. I only was there a few hours at several events And there were people who I had wanted to meet like Jasz I remember who I just didn't get around to seeing, but those that I did see have become very special to me. When Romina first saw me from (I Have Wings), she broke down crying & threw her arms around me. Rebecca from Glamourfae & Shershe, as well as Lauren Munsi (Happyily Candied), Hillary Ashner & friend from California & Fanny Zara from interview blog "Mademoiselle Blythe" all spent special time with me seeking me out & helped me get to & from the events to my car with dolls & tanks when I could barely walk & was pushing myself a bit too much, but I survived, didn't look great despite trying to look stylish, those darn air tanks & tubes, lol! What I am trying to say is despite the fact I probably shouldn't have gone & the doctors would have flipped & despite the fact I really didn't get to enjoy the vendors or activities or get to see everyone or even feel good at all, I felt quite crummy & nauseous from the heart drugs & other meds., I was glad I went if only for those very few special people who sought me out & went out of their way to help me. If you do go just don't have the same expectations you would have had being your old healthy self. Others won't mind you just sitting there quiet & may in fact really be happy to see you, but just be there if you want to be, it's the people who really make it special.

    This year I will get to see BlytheCon 2012 in Texas healthy & I will get to spend as much time as I want at all the events & not just an hour or two, but I will always know how important it was for me to go even feeling horrendous for just a few hours just having others visit me so to speak while there, those special ones who really cared. Although there were still many up & downs ahead of me, they made it a special & positive experience & memory. I know chemo is different... I just wanted you to know my experience in case it gave you a different perspective on the reason & different way you might be there briefly. Of course my experience may also reinforce not going, but if seeing a few people is important to you, it may be enough. hugs. I know you will make the right decision for you. sorry for the crazy rambling long run on sentences. Just lots of love & hope you start feeling better soon.

    I know that the BlytheCon this year in Texas will be much different & I might as a healthy person & I will get to enjoy the events